Who are we?

We are a group of people who like to do something useful for their surroundings. Most of us lived or live in Bystrc and that is why this large and beautiful part of Brno municipality concerns us. We are a part of christian Baptist church that has been active in Brno for more than 120 years and we would like to be a benefit in Bystrc in various areas of social and spiritual life. We value our mutual relationships and our relationship with God, and we want to develop them all in community.

And why Runway? To us Runway is a symbol of new start and expectation of something new and adventurous. It is an image of freedom given to us by God. Everyone has it but it depends on each person how he uses it. We want to be a safe place for new starts into life in various areas and we want to help prevent dangers that await especially young generation in the form of addictions, gangs and criminality. Will you join us on board?

Sunday service

We are starting regular Sunday services since 19th September 2021 every second Sunday from 17:00.

Runway Bystrc

Smetanova 20

602 00 Brno